How to get to Cape verde?


Cape Verde lovers, here’s the best news ever! 

Air and sea borders are open for passenger transport.

As most of you know, last March the Government made the tough decision to close the borders. After many months, the Cape Verdean Council of Ministers, approved a resolution to reopen international flights at the airports of Santiago, Sal, Boa Vista and Sao Vicente starting from the 12th of October. 

The only entry requirement for incoming passengers is a Negative PCR test for COVID-19.

The Prime Minister Jose Ulisses Correia e Silva announced that all the needed measures and actions were developed to position Cape Verde as safe tourist destinations. The islands are equipped with internationally certified COVID centers.

Health security seals have been awarded to several operators in the field of tourism as taxi drivers, hotel managers, travel agency professionals and police men.

Traveling to maio Island

Wherever you come from in the world, the best way to get to Maio Island is by traveling from the capital of Cape Verde, Praia.

For the time being, TAP Portugal is the only airline that provides connection between Europe and Cape Verde with daily flights from Lisbon to Praia.

You can easily find flights for less than 200 euros on their website

Once in Praia, you can reach the other beautiful islands by boat or plane.

Is your final destination Maio island? No worries. It is simpler than what you think.

Praia is located on Santiago Island, and it’s the nearest Island from Maio, with around 50 km distance.

The two main ways to travel to Maio is by plane or by ferry.


TICV, ex-Binter Cabo Verde is the main airline that travels from Praia to Maio island.  

TIME: The flight takes only 10 minutes. 

WHEN: The flights are every Tuesday at mid-day. 

HOW MUCH: One way tickets costs approximately 25-30 euros. 

For more details and booking visit the website


CV Interilhas is the Cape Verdean ferry company that provides regular and safe connections among the islands. 

TIME: The crossing takes around 2 hours. 

WHEN: There are crossing every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

HOW MUCH: One way ticket costs approximately 15 €.

For more details and booking visit the website

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