Hidden Gem in Cape Verde

Maio Island

Cape Verde is an archipelago of ten volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean about 500 km off the coast of Senegal.

Maio, the easternmost island of the Sotavento inhabited by 6.900 people, is an old and eroded volcano, located to the south of Boa Vista, 25km far from the Capital island Santiago.

This little piece of land hides wonders that have not yet been explored: completely deserted white sand beaches of crystal water, but also breathtaking salt mines, acacia trees, small towns with bright colorful little houses where it is still possible to enjoy the local culture and a warm and friendly welcome.

Maio is the island where time seems to stand still: It is common to see people sitting on an old chairs outside their houses smiling and watching the world go by. Small children taking their first steps and playing with chicken roaming wild and free.

The charming landscape and the relaxed atmosphere gives people a rare feeling of tranquillity and serenity. 

Discover Maio Island


Turtle nesting in Maio Island

Maio Island, a perfect spot for turtles to nest.

The pure tranquillity characterizing Maio island makes it the perfect place for endangered animals like loggerhead sea turtle for which these unspoiled beaches are one of the most favorite places in the world to make their nests. 

Vila de maio Salines

The Salterns of Vila do Maio

The biggest salt lake of Cape Verde: 5 kilometers long and 1,5 kilometers wide.

A surreal landscape that takes your breath away: a white salt lake that reflects the sunlight, green acacia trees whose shadows protect cows and goats from the sun, red and yellow grass clippings below the beautiful blue sky and golden sand on an endless beach. 


Authentic Cape Verdien cities on Maio Island

Colorful houses, warm people and peace feeling characterize all the villages on the island.

Morro is a small rural village surrounded by a grove of palm trees, located in the west of the island.

Vila do Maio, also known as Porto Ingles is the capital of the island.

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