Turtle nesting in Maio Island

Maio Island, a perfect spot for turtles to nest

The pure tranquillity characterizing Maio island makes it the perfect place for endangered animals like loggerhead sea turtle for which these unspoiled beaches are one of the most favorite places in the world to make their nests.

The Caretta Caretta turtles nests from June to mid-October and August is the peak month of the laying season.

Eco guides from Maio Biodiversity Foundation arrange night turtle watching tours, during which you can enjoy an unforgettable experience respectful of the nature and animals: be sure to come quietly to the beach and to spot the turtles from a distance as they could feel bothered and decide not to stay and lay eggs. Once the turtles start spawning it will be possible approach as they enter a state of trance.

During the egg hatching season, from August to December, it is nice to see the beaches invaded by baby turtles that, after splitting their white shells, come for the first time into the sea to start a new life.