Visit authentic Cape verdien cities on the island of Maio


Morro is a small rural village surrounded by a grove of palm trees, located in the west of the island, 5 km north of Cidade do Porto Ingles and 310 people inhabit it.

The Monte Batalha, to the northeast of Morro, is one of the oldest rocks of Cape Verde and it is the highest measuring in at 294 meters.

Vila do Maio

Vila do Maio, also known as Porto Ingles is the capital of the island. It got the name ‘English Harbour’ due to the frequent presence in the past (ancient colonial days) of British ship wreckages that used to dock on the island carrying salt from the near salt mines to be exported.

The ‘Castelo do Maio’ is an old fortress built on a beach hill to defend the island from pirate attacks and a lovely white and yellow church.

The city, extended on a beautiful white sand beach, is the largest village of Maio. 

Colorful houses, warm people and peace feeling characterize all the villages on the island.