Visit the saltern in Vila do Maio

The biggest salt lake of Cape Verde: 5 kilometers long and 1,5 kilometers wide.

A surreal landscape that takes your breath away: a white salt lake that reflects the sunlight, green acacia trees whose shadows protect cows and goats from the sun, red and yellow grass clippings below the beautiful blue sky and golden sand on an endless beach.

A vast expanse of pink, purple and white color salt crystals: a burst of brilliant color that will catch your eye.

The salt mines were an important economic resource for Maio island as the salt, after being picked up by hand, was bought and exported as very precious good through the British ships. Nowadays, what’s left of it is just a magical place full of history, atmosphere with nice peace and quiet feeling.

Salinas Porto Ingles Maio Island

The salterns are situated at the port of Vila do Maio, Porto Inglês.

You can visit the salt mines freely, they are in open air alongside the beach. 

Along the path you will find explanation posts that retrace the history of the salterns.